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Telephone booth

A telephone booth, telephone booth, telephone booth, telephone booth or public telephone booth is a small structure equipped with a public telephone, designed to provide convenience for telephone users.

In some areas of the United States and Canada, "telephone kiosk" (or "telephone kiosk") is a common term for this structure, while in Commonwealth countries (especially the United Kingdom and Australia and most of Canada), it is "telephone box" (or "telephone box").

Such stalls usually have lighting, provide privacy doors and windows to inform others if the stall is in use. Printed catalogues of local telephone numbers can be provided to booths, and paper pens and even seats can be provided to booths in formal environments such as hotels. Outdoor sheds can be made of metal and plastic to withstand various elements and heavy use, while indoor sheds (once called mute cabinets) may have more delicate buildings and furnishings. Most outdoor stalls have the name and logo of the phone service provider.