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A belt (also known as lead, lead wire or lanyard) is a rope or similar material used to control an animal by attaching it to an animal or a separate object attached to it; some belts are clipped or tied to a collar, safety belt or sling, while others are tied directly around the animal's neck or head.

Belts come in many forms. For example:

There are also cat belts and seatbelts on the market, which are convenient for those who are not used to freeing their pets.

Dog chains are used to walk dogs in public places. Putting a dog on a leash is a way to protect the dog and others (for example, if the dog runs away and bites). Moreover, the length is one of the important aspects of the belt. The length of the belt must be selected according to the size of the dog, which is important because the belt can be well controlled. The belt length cannot be too long or too short. If the leash is too long, it can not control the pet well, which may lead to unpleasant accidents in aggressive dogs. If the leash is too short, it will be uncomfortable for both the dog and the owner. The perfect leash can restrain a dog, but it is not considered a punishment for a pet.

High quality dog chains have high quality metal clips that can be made of leather, nylon or even chains. The clip must be firmly attached to the collar ring to maintain good control of the dog. [10] As long as the belt does not show signs of wear or wear, the material used to make the belt is not very important. Therefore, the belt should be checked regularly to ensure that it remains in proper condition.

One important aspect of the dog chain is firmness. Although rope traction belts are very cheap, they are easy to chew and wear, so they are not the most recommended type of traction belt. However, people think the best belt type is nylon, because this kind of material has certain elasticity, which can bring more comfort to dogs. Nylon straps, on the other hand, can cause scratches or cuts to the dog's skin.

Leather belts are generally preferred over nylon belts because of their durability and become more flexible and supple over time. However, leather is easier to chew than nylon.

For dogs, a retractable dog chain is the most comfortable, because as long as the owner doesn't think it is dangerous, they can let the dog go to the desired distance. The retractable belt is usually made of nylon and the retractable device is made of plastic or solid composite material. Although these leashes allow some control and are convenient for dogs and owners, they make it difficult to keep aggressive dogs under control, which can lead to attacks on people or other dogs. Aggressive dogs can't walk with this kind of leash, while puppies should be kept close to ensure that they are protected from various dangers such as cars. Dogs that may latch without warning should walk carefully, because the retractable wire can accelerate the dog to a noticeable speed before stopping suddenly, which may cause injury to both the dog and the owner.

Some belts are made of reflective material, suitable for night and dog. They are convenient because they make the dog and the owner more obvious in the traffic, thus reducing the possibility of accidents.