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Pencil is a kind of writing tool or art tool. It is composed of narrow solid-state pigment core in the protective sleeve, which can prevent the core from breaking or leaving traces on the user's hand during the use.

Pencil marks are produced by physical friction, leaving a series of solid core materials attached to a piece of paper or other surface. They are different from pens. Instead of pens, they spread some liquid or gel ink to stain the light color of the paper.

Most pencil leads are made of a mixture of graphite and adhesive, leaving traces of gray or black that can easily be erased. Graphite pencil can be used for writing and painting, and has durable marks: Although writing eraser can be easily removed, it is resistant to moisture, most chemicals, UV and natural aging. Other types of pencil lead are not widely used, such as charcoal pencil, which is mainly used by artists for drawing and drawing. Sometimes teachers or editors use colored pencils to correct submitted text, but they are usually regarded as works of art, especially those crayons where the wax core binder is often applied to paper rather than erased. Grease pencil has a wax core as soft as a crayon, which can leave traces on smooth surfaces such as glass or porcelain.

The most common type of pencil case is thin wood, usually hexagonal in section, but sometimes cylindrical, permanently bonded to the refill. Similar permanent enclosures can be made of other materials, such as plastic or paper. To use a pencil, the case must be carved or peeled to expose the working end of the lead. The pencil has a more refined case that supports a movable core of paint that can be extended or retracted through the tip of the case as needed.

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