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Trombone is one of the brass instruments. Like all brass instruments, sound is produced when the vibration of the performer's lips (relief) causes the air column inside the instrument to vibrate. Almost all trombones have a retractable sliding mechanism, which can change the length of the instrument to change the pitch. Many modern trombones also use rotary valves to reduce the pitch of instruments. Variants such as valve Trombone and super bone have three valves like those on a trumpet.

The word trombone comes from the Italian trombone (small) and - one (suffix means "large"), so the name means "large". A trombone has a major cylindrical hole, such as a check with a valve, a baritone, which is opposite to the check with a conical valve, a subwoofer and a horn. Trombones and bass trombones are the most common trombones. The most common tone change is the minor, which is a non tone shifting instrument. The pitch is B?, which is better than B? Low octave. Octaves above trumpet and B? Big size used to be common e? The Alto trombone has become less widely used because of technological improvements that have expanded the use of tenors, but because of its lightweight sound, it is now reviving, which has been recognized in many classical and early romantic works. Trombone music, as well as the music of minor and subwoofer, is usually written in concert pitch of bass or alto clef, although there are indeed exceptions, especially in almost all the music with the middle trombone as B? A transposed instrument written with a treble clef.

People who play trombones are called trombones or trombones.