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A flashlight is a rod with combustible material at one end, which is lit and used as a light source. The torch has been used throughout history and is still used in parades, symbolic and religious events, as well as in vaudeville. In some countries, the term "flashlight" is used as a term for battery powered portable lights.

The structure of the torch has changed in history for the purpose of the torch. The torch is usually made of wooden walls, one end of which is wrapped in a material encased in combustible material. In ancient Rome, some torches were made of a mixture of sulfur and lime. This means that after the fire is put into the water, the fire will not decrease. Modern parade torches are made of burlap, rolled into tubes and immersed in wax. Usually there is a wooden handle and a cardboard collar to deflect any wax drops. They are a simple, safe, and relatively inexpensive way to raise fire in a parade or provide lighting for any dark celebration.

Modern torches for juggling are made of wood and metal or only metal siding, with one end wrapped in a Kevlar wick. The wick is immersed in a flammable liquid, usually paraffin (kerosene).