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The bell is a special percussion instrument for direct percussion. Most of the bells are hollow cup-shaped. When they are knocked, they vibrate with a single strong knocking sound, and their sides form an effective resonator. It can be struck by an internal "clapper" or "uvula," an external hammer, or (in a small bell) by a small loose ball (Jingle Bell) enclosed in the body of the bell.

Because of its resonance characteristics, the bell is usually made of the bell metal (a bronze), but it can also be made of other hard materials. It depends on the function. Some small bells (such as decorative bells or cow bells) can be made of cast or pressed metal, glass or ceramic, while large bells (such as church bells, bell and tower bells) are usually made of bell metal.

Ringing tones can be heard in a wide range, ranging from single bells hanging in turrets or Gables to musical ensembles, such as English bells, harps or Russian zvon, all of which have been adjusted to the same size and installed in the bell tower. Bells are placed in many public or institutional buildings, the most common being as bells to ring hours and a quarter of an hour.

Historically, bells have been associated with religious rituals and are still used to convene communities for religious services. Later, people rang bells in memory of important events or people, and they were connected with the concept of peace and freedom. The study of the clock is called bell study

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