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The mallet is a small ritual mallet usually made of hardwood, usually with a handle, which usually collides with the sound block, and the striking surface is usually made of hardwood to improve its sound quality.

It symbolizes the power and right to act formally as chairman or moderator. The expression of mallet indicates the orderly inheritance from one chair to another.

Mallets are used to draw attention or punctuate and declare. Traditionally, John Adams, vice president of the United States of America, used a mallet to order the first Senate in New York in the spring of 1789. After that, it is customary to use mallet to knock on the platform or table. Indicates the beginning (order) and end (postponement) of the meeting procedure, so it appears to describe the meeting or the overall situation of the meeting with a wooden mallet. It can also be used to keep meetings calm and orderly.

The hammering sound, which suddenly starts and stops and is clearly audible to all present, clearly defines an action in a way that all can clearly perceive, and makes the action practical and symbolic.

Mallets are used in the courts of the United States and represent the entire judicial system, especially the judicial system, by means of metonymy. Overthrowing the mallet means enforcing or enforcing the powers of the court. In Britain, on the other hand, although mallets are described in many American influenced TV programs, judges have never used mallets.

In addition, auctioneers use mallets to represent auctions.