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Hair brush is a stick like brush with hard or soft spokes, which is used for hair care to make people's hair smooth, shaped and tangled, or to modify the fur of animals. It can also be combined with a curler or hair dryer for styling.

Usually use a flat brush to comb your hair, for example after sleeping or showering. Round brushes can be used for styling and curling hair, especially for professional hairdressers who are usually accompanied by hair dryers. Paddle brushes are used to straighten hair and tame flying objects. For babies with thin and soft hair, many bristle materials are not suitable due to hardness. Instead, there are synthetic materials and horse / goat hair.

Special brushes are suitable for cats, dogs and horses. Two different kinds of brushes can be specially made for short hair pets or long hair pets. For horse's hard hair, use a curry comb.

Various types of brushes are used for different purposes or have special functions that are beneficial to certain hair types. For example:

Round brush: usually used with hair dryer to increase the fullness and movement of hair. Some have a metal or ceramic substrate and are designed to be heated during drying.

Ventilation brush: the vent allows more air to flow between the bristles, but does not affect the drying time.

Cushion Brush: install bristle on rubber pad or cushion to increase flexibility, so as to minimize hair fracture when tangled. Denman produces a popular series of buffer brushes.

Paddle Brush: a wider base allows you to expose more when blowing dry; flexible teeth are designed to minimize fracture, although some people think it doesn't work.

Tangle comb: features such as wide spacing, soft nylon teeth are designed to soften tangled or knotted hair.

Bristle brush: the closely arranged bristles are designed to increase the tension when brushing and make the hair smooth.

The effect of the brush will vary depending on the texture and whether the hair is dry or wet. Straight hair usually looks smoother when brushed. When dry, curly hair tends to swell. This makes straight hair easier to use.

Commonly used materials for handle are ebony, red sandalwood, New Guinea red sandalwood, beech, ABS plastic and polycondensal. Common materials used for brushing include bristles, horse hair, nylon, stainless steel and goat hair.