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Brick is a building material used to make walls, sidewalks and other elements in masonry structures. Traditionally, the term "brick" refers to a unit consisting of clay, but is now used to refer to any rectangular unit placed in mortar. Bricks may consist of clay bearing soil, sand and lime or concrete materials. The production categories, types, materials and sizes of bricks vary with regions and periods, and they are produced in large quantities. The two basic types of brick are sintered brick and non sintered brick.

Block is a similar term for a rectangular building unit made of similar materials, but usually larger than brick. Lightweight bricks (also known as lightweight bricks) are made of expanded clay aggregate.

Brick is one of the building materials with the longest life and the highest strength, sometimes called artificial stone, which has been used since 5000 BC. Air dried brick, also known as mud brick, has a history earlier than fired brick, and also has other components of mechanical adhesive (such as straw).

Bricks are laid on the route and are called a variety of patterns of bonding (collectively referred to as brick laying), and can be laid in various mortar to fix the bricks together to form a solid structure.