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The harp is a string instrument, which has several single strings extending at a certain angle with the chord plate, and is pulled out by fingers. Harps have been known in Asia, Africa and Europe since ancient times, with a history dating back at least 3500 BC. The instrument was very popular in Europe in the middle ages and the Renaissance. With the development of new technology, it evolved into various varieties and spread to European colonies, especially in Latin America. Although some of the ancient members of the harp family died in the Near East and South Asia, the descendants of the early harps still played in Myanmar and parts of Africa, while other failed variants in Europe and Asia have been used by musicians in modern times.

There are many changes in harps around the world. In terms of size, many smaller harps can be played on the knee, while the larger harps are quite heavy and can be placed on the floor. Different harps can use gut or nylon, or metal, or some combination. Although all harps have necks, resonators, and strings, frame harps have a pillar at the long end to support the strings, whereas open harps (such as bow or bow harps) do not. Modern harps also differ in techniques used to extend the range and chromaticity of strings, such as using levers or pedals that can change pitch to adjust the midrange performance of strings.