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Dice are small, throwable objects with multiple rest positions, used to generate random numbers. Dice is suitable as a gambling device of dice game, and can also be used in non gambling table games.

The traditional dice is a cube, each of the six faces shows a different number of points (points) from 1 to 6. When the die is rolled or rolled, it displays a random integer from 1 to 6 on its upper surface, with equal probability for each value. Similar devices are also called dice. Such specialized dice can have polyhedrons or irregular shapes, and can have faces marked with symbols instead of numbers. They may produce results other than 1 to 6. Loaded and bent dice are designed to bias certain results for cheating or entertainment purposes.

Dice tray, a tray used to hold dice, sometimes used in gambling or board games, especially when dice are allowed to roll without disturbing other game items.