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Crutches are mobile aids that transfer the weight of the legs to the upper body. It's often used by people who can't support their weight with their legs, for reasons ranging from short-term injury to permanent disability.

Crutches were used in ancient Egypt. In 1917, Emile Schlick applied for the first commercial crutch patent; the design included a crutch with upper arm support. Later, lofstrand, Jr., A.R., developed the first crutches with highly adjustable functions, so that the crutches can be customized. With the passage of time, the design of crutches has not changed much, so classic design is still the most commonly used.

When using the underarm crutch, you can lean the cushion on the chest under the armpit, and hold the handle under the cushion and parallel to the cushion. They are often used to support patients who temporarily restrict walking. For underarm crutches, sometimes a towel or some soft covering is needed to prevent or reduce underarm injury. Axillary or axillary nerve compression can lead to a disease known as paralysis or paralysis. Specifically, "the axillary brachial plexus is often damaged by the pressure of crutches In these cases, radial nerve is the most frequently involved nerve; the frequency of ulnar nerve involvement is the second. "

Spring crutch is an uncommon underarm crutch. The armpit cushion adopts arc design, front opening, and the shape of the two hands grip to maximize the comfort and reduce the damage caused by overuse. The crutches also have a spring mechanism at the bottom. The idea behind the design is to allow users to push themselves further to achieve faster movement from one place to another, although research shows that there is little difference in speed between standard underarm crutches and spring crutches. These crutches are most commonly used by young people or sports people.

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