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Dominoes are a series of card based games played with rectangular dominoes. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line that divides its face into two square ends. Each end is marked with a number of spots (also known as points, nips, or dobs) or blanks. The back of the dominoes in one set is indistinguishable, either blank or some generic design. Domino game parts (commonly known as nicknamed bones, cards, tiles, tickets, stones, chips or spinners [suspect – discuss]) make up a domino combination, sometimes called a deck or backpack. The traditional Chinese and European dominoes consist of 28 dominoes, which are characterized by all combinations with points between zero and six. Domino deck is a general-purpose game device, similar to cards or dice, because you can play multiple games with one deck.

The earliest mention of dominoes was in the Song Dynasty of China, which was found in the book the old story of Wulin (1232-1298). Modern dominoes first appeared in Italy in the 18th century, but how Chinese dominoes developed into modern Games is unknown. Italian missionaries in China may have brought the game to Europe.

The name "domino" probably began with a carnival costume similar to that worn during the Venice Carnival, usually consisting of a black robe and a white mask. Although polysemy is a common word, the word "domino" is not related to the number 2 in any language.