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Pacifiers (US English) or Dummies (British English), also known as binge, pacifiers (Canadian English) or gums, are rubber, plastic or silicone nipples that are provided for infants to suck. In its standard appearance, it has a pacifier, a mask and a handle. Masks and / or handles are large enough to avoid the risk of suffocation or swallowing in children.

Researchers found that using a pacifier significantly reduced the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. They disagree on whether the connection is good enough to favor the use of a pacifier. Some people think that pacifiers should be recommended based on the strength of the association, just as sleeping should be recommended based on the strength of the association. Others think the link is not strong enough or the mechanism is not clear.

Pacifiers have also been found to reduce crying during painful processes, such as venipuncture

Some parents prefer to use a pacifier than a child sucks his thumb or fingers.

Researchers in Brazil have shown that if a child continues to suck for more than three years, neither the "orthodontic" pacifier nor the standard pacifier can prevent dental problems.

It is often said that the use of pacifiers in stimulant users helps reduce bruxism and thus prevent tooth damage.

Sometimes it can help them fall asleep.