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A comb is a tool consisting of a shaft with a row of teeth on it, which is used to pull the hair for cleaning, untwisting or shaping. Combs have been used since Prehistory and are found in very delicate forms in Persian settlements dating back 5000 years.

The comb consists of a shaft and teeth placed at right angles to the shaft. Combs can be made of a variety of materials, the most common being plastic, metal or wood. Combs made of ivory and to were once common, but attention to the animals that produced them reduced their use. When made of wood, the comb is mainly made of boxwood, cherry wood or other fine wood. High quality combs are usually hand polished.

The comb has various shapes and sizes according to its use. Hair combs can have thin tapered handles for separating hair and closing teeth. In the middle of a normal comb, there are usually wider teeth, and the rest of the teeth are thinner. In the colonial era of North America, hot combs were used only to straighten hair.

Both manual and electric models are equipped with hair brushes. It's bigger than a comb and is also used to shape, shape and clean hair. Combs and hairbrushes were patented in the 19th century.

A comb can be used for many purposes. Historically, their main purpose was to hold long hair in place, to modify hair, to darken the braided hair, or to hold a Kepa or Beanie in place. In Spain, peinetta is a large decorative comb used to hold mantis in place.

In industry and handicraft, combs are used to separate cotton fibers from seeds and other sundries (the mechanical gin of the gin is one of the machines in the industrial revolution). The comb is used to distribute colors in marbled paper to form a swirling color pattern in marbled paper.

Comb is also a tool used by police investigators to collect hair and dandruff samples, which can be used to determine the identity of the dead or alive, their health status, toxicological characteristics, etc.

An indestructible plastic comb is a kind of comb. Although it is made of plastic rather than (more expensive) metal, it will not break into pieces if it falls on a hard surface (such as bathroom tiles, hardwood floors or sidewalks). This kind of comb was introduced in the middle of the 20th century. Today, most plastic combs are unbreakable, because technology has reached the point of understanding why these products are brittle.

In recent years, modern artisan combs made of various new and recycled materials have become more and more popular. Used skateboard decks, vinyl records, brass, titanium, acrylic and exotic wood are some of the materials used.