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Steak is meat that is usually sliced on muscle fibers and may include bones. Exceptions to slicing the meat parallel to the fiber include skirt steak cut from the plate, back belly steak cut from the abdominal muscles, and silver finger steak cut from the waist, including three ribs. In a larger sense, fish chops, minced pork chops, and many other kinds of steaks are known.

Steak is usually roasted, but it can also be fried. It is usually roasted to duplicate the flavor of steak cooked on an open fire. Steak can also be cooked in sauces, such as steak and kidney pie, or cut into small pieces, such as hamburgers.

Steak is usually cut from grazing animals. Besides cattle, it also includes bison, camel, goat, horse, kangaroo, sheep, ostrich, pig, reindeer, Turkey, deer and cattle, as well as all kinds of fish, especially salmon and large ocean fish, such as swordfish, shark and marlin. For some meats, such as pork, lamb and mutton, Chevy and veal, these cuts are often called ribs. Some bacon, such as bacon, is usually used as steak.

Toasted podobello mushrooms may be called mushroom steaks, as do other vegetarian dishes. Imitation steak is a kind of steak like food made of various kinds of meat. Roasted fruit, such as watermelon, has been used as a substitute for vegetarian steak.

Steak is usually roasted or fried occasionally. Grilled steaks can be cooked at different temperatures or at different times; cooked steaks range in color from blue (very rare) to too high. The most common features of rare steaks are a soft, cold, red center. The exterior is baked to add flavor, while the interior is cooked to suit the diner's taste. A cooked steak is usually cooked over the whole piece of meat. For example, when a cooked steak is sliced, there is no pink in the middle. Uncooked steaks can be eaten raw, as in art steaks.

Fish meat is usually cooked in a short time because it is cooked quickly, especially when it is roasted. Fish steaks (such as tuna) can also be cooked to various temperatures, such as rare and medium rare. The different parts of the steak are rib eye, lo, tenderloin, hip, Porter and T-bone.

Because of the different methods of cutting car body, there are great differences between countries. As a result, steaks found in one country differ from those found in another, although their recipes may be the same, but "only in their sauces, butter or trimmings.".

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