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In cooking, seasoning is a liquid, cream, or semisolid food used on or in preparation for other foods. Most sauces are usually not eaten by themselves. They add flavor, moisture and visual appeal to the dish. Sauce is a French word from the Latin salsa, meaning salty. Perhaps the oldest European sauce ever recorded was garum, the fish sauce used by the ancient Greeks. In Zhou Li of the third century B.C., tofu sauce, or bean paste, was mentioned.

Sauce needs liquid ingredients. Sauce is an indispensable element in the world food.

Seasoning can be used in sweet or salty dishes. They can prepare and cold as mayonnaise, cold as mayonnaise, but warm as pesto, hot as sauce, cold as applesauce. They may be freshly cooked by chefs, especially in restaurants, but today, many sauces are pre made and packaged, such as Worcestershire, HP, soy or tomato sauce. Salad dressing is called salad dressing. The sauce made by glaze the pot is called pot sauce.

Chefs who specialize in sauces are called flying saucers.