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Bread is a staple food usually made by baking from flour and water dough. In the whole recorded history, since the birth of agriculture, it has been popular all over the world, and is one of the oldest artificial foods.

The proportion of flour and other ingredients is very different, and the preparation method is also different. As a result, the type, shape, size and texture of bread vary around the world. Bread may be fermented, such as by naturally occurring fermentation microorganisms, chemicals, industrial yeast or high-pressure ventilation. Some bread is cooked before fermentation, including for traditional or religious reasons. May include non cereal ingredients such as fruits, nuts and fats. Commercial bread usually contains additives to improve flavor, texture, color, shelf life and ease of manufacture.

Bread is served in various forms at any meal of the day. It can be eaten as a snack or as an ingredient in other cooking products, such as sandwiches and fried food spread on breadcrumbs, to prevent adhesion. It forms the main ingredient of bread pudding and flat stuffing designed to fill cavities or retain juices that might otherwise drip.

Bread has not only nutritional significance, but also social and emotional significance. It plays an important role in religious ceremony and secular culture. It is embodied in the language in daily life, and it appears in Proverbs and oral expressions.

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