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Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake or chocolate cake is a cake flavored with melted chocolate, cocoa powder or a mixture of both.

Chocolate cake is made of chocolate. It can also be made from other ingredients. These ingredients include fudge, vanilla cream and other sweeteners. Chocolate cake dates back to 1764, when Dr. James Baker discovered how to make chocolate by grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular grindstones.

In 1828, Conrad van Houten of the Netherlands developed a mechanical extraction method for extracting fat from cocoa liquid, thus producing cocoa butter and partially defatted cocoa. A compacted solid can be sold as "rock cocoa" or ground into powder. Powder. This process transforms chocolate from exclusive luxury to cheap daily snacks. Rodolphe Lindt developed a soft, smooth chocolate making process called "refining" in 1879, which makes it easier to bake with chocolate because it blends smoothly and completely with batter. Until 1890-1900, chocolate formula was mainly used in chocolate drinks, and its presence in cakes only existed in fillings and glazes. In 1886, American chefs began to add chocolate to the cake batter, thus making the first chocolate cake in the United States.

In Pittsburgh, the molasses maker's Duff company introduced the devil's food chocolate cake mix in the mid-1930s, but it was shelved during the Second World War. Duncan Hines launched the three-star special (so called because it can make white, yellow or chocolate cakes with the same mixture) three years later, taking 48% of the market.

In the United States, "chocolate decade" cake was very popular in the 1980s. In the 1990s, a single melt chocolate cake with a liquid chocolate center and exotic fusion chocolate (such as tea, curry, chili, passion fruit and champagne) were popular. Chocolate lounges and handmade chocolate manufacturers were popular in the 2000s. According to "new taste of chocolate" in 2001, the rich, flour free, almost flour free chocolate cake "has now become the standard configuration of modern cakes".