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Pierogi is a dumpling with central European flavor. The dough is wrapped in salty or sweet fillings and then boiled in boiling water. Pierogi, which consists of pasta dough and must be cooked in boiling water, is associated with central and Eastern European kitchens, which are considered national. Their variant varenyky is popular in Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. Pierogi is popular among Western Slavic (Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic), Hungarian, Eastern Slavic (Belarus and western Ukraine), Baltic (Latvia and Lithuania) and other central and Eastern European cuisines, known for their local names.

Typical fillings include potatoes, pickles, ground meat, cheese and fruit. Dumplings can be served with fillings, such as melted butter, sour cream or fried onions, or a combination of these ingredients.

The origin of pieroghi is controversial. It is said that pieroghi came from China through Italy by the Marco Polo expedition. Others argue that pieroghi was brought to Poland by the Polish Saint hyacinth, who brought it back from Kiev (now the center of Kiev Ross and now the capital of Ukraine). On July 13, 1238, Saint hyacinth visited Ko? Cielec), a storm destroyed all the crops. Hyacinth told everyone to pray that on the second day, the crops returned to growth. To thank them, pierogi, made from these crops, was used to make the hyacinth. According to another legend, the saint hyacinth provided pierogi to the people in the famine caused by the invasion of the people in 1241. According to another legend, the pierogis were brought to the west by the TA people from the former Russian Empire. In the 13th century, pierogi first arrived in Polish territory. None of these legends is subject to the root PIR? Etymological support. Although the source of pierogi is often disputed, the exact source of the dish is not known. It may originate somewhere in central or Eastern Europe and have been consumed in any existing political country long before it existed. Today, it has become a large part of many central and Eastern European cultures.