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In gastronomy, an omelet or omelet is a dish made of beaten eggs that are fried or buttered in a frying pan (without stirring like scrambled eggs). It is common to fold omelets over fillings, such as cheese, chives, vegetables, mushrooms, meat (usually ham or bacon) or some combination of the above. Beat the whole egg with a small amount of milk, cream or even water or sometimes only the egg white.

The fluffy fried egg is an improved version of the old food. According to Alan Davidson, the French word "omelette" began to be used in the middle of the 16th century, but the versions of alumele and alumele were adopted in 1393 by Paris's Nagel (II, 5). Rabelais (pantagrael, IV, 9) mentioned a homemade dessert, Olivier de Serres made a pancake, Fran? Le cuisinier Fran? OIS (1651) has omelets, while modern omelets appear in cuisine bourguise (1784).

According to the annual bessi? The founding legend of res Easter giant omelette, Haute Garonne, when Napoleon Bonaparte and his army crossed southern France, they decided to go to bessi? Overnight near res town. Napoleon tasted the fried egg prepared by the local innkeeper and thought it was a kind of cooking pleasure. Then he ordered the citizens to collect all the eggs in the village and prepare a large fried egg for his army the next day