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Rainbow candy is a fruit flavored candy brand, which is currently produced and sold by Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars company.

Rainbow sugar consists of hard sugar shells printed with the letter "s". The interior is mainly composed of sugar, corn syrup and hydrogenated palm kernel oil as well as fruit juice, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors. The candy has been sold in a variety of flavors collection, such as tropical, wild berries, desserts, sweet hot and sour.

Rainbow sugar was commercially produced by a British company in 1974. They were first introduced into North America as imported sweets in 1979. In 1982, skittles began domestic production in the United States.

On March 2, 2009, skittles launched a web-based marketing campaign, and its official website became a small coverage layer, with the option to view various social media sites in the main region, including its official YouTube channel, Facebook profile and Twitter account. People interested in social media debated the move.

Food, drink and play marketing is famous for its avant-garde viral marketing technology, especially in combination with "super bowl". In 2018, it produced a Super Bowl ad that only one person watched. [8] In 2019, it held a Super Bowl event, including skittles commercial: the Broadway musical, which only performed once in New York City Hall.

In an effort to support the gay rights movement during Pride Day in London in 2016, the temporary color of rainbow sugar changed from the candy icon rainbow to white, causing controversy. In order to promote the legalization of same-sex marriage, eating, drinking and playing are marked by its slogan "taste the rainbow". Another representative of Wrigley brand, Fang Wrigley, made large-scale production of these limited edition colorless candies prepared in June, which is also recognized as LGBT Pride Month nationwide. Rainbow candy rainbow theme packaging has also been temporarily changed to supplement one of the achromatic candy. On the back of each monochrome package, Wrigley explained the company's marketing decision: "so, it's a bit awkward, but we have to deal with the rainbow elephants in the room. Rainbows... We have rainbows... Usually just short and fat, but this pride, there is only one rainbow worthy of attention - your rainbow, and we will not be the thunderclap of people stealing rainbows, no alarm. " However, Wrigley had intended to express its acceptance of non-traditional marriage through non media means, but the news was distorted. The Huffington Post published an article entitled "some people think that all white pride candy for fun and drink is racist", explaining that all white companies cannot recognize the diversity defined by the LGBT community. Every June, skittles repeats colourless marketing to spread the sense of "arrogance.".

Eating, drinking and playing took part in two political events in the 2010's. After the shooting of trayvon Martin, protesters used skittles, said to be carried by Martin and Arizona watermelon juice, as a sign during the rally. Although Mars's brief mourning statement has been criticized by some media, such as Adweek, because it is too soft, Mars's response to skittles based image macros (released by Donald Trump's presidential campaign as a metaphor for immigration) in 2016 was praised for its agility and directness. Mwwppr said the response from Mars could affect public relations best practices.

In 2009, animal derived gelatin was removed from rainbow sugar to make it suitable for vegetarians and vegetarians.