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Coca Cola

Coca Cola (usually referred to as Coca Cola) is a soft carbonated beverage produced by Coca Cola company. It was originally used as a patent drug, invented by John Pemberton in the late 19th century, and acquired by ASA Griggs Candler, a businessman. His marketing strategy made Coca Cola dominate the world soft drink market in the whole 20th century. The drink's name refers to its two original ingredients, Lego (the source of caffeine) and coca leaf. Although many reported recipes and experimental entertainment methods have been published, the current Coca Cola formula is still a trade secret.

Coca Cola produces the concentrate and then sells it to licensed Coca Cola bottlers around the world. Bottlers with exclusive territorial contracts with the company can and bottle concentrate together with filtered water and sweeteners into finished products. A typical 12 US ounce liquid (350 ml) can contain 38 grams (1.3 oz) of sugar (usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup). Bottlers then sell, distribute and sell Coca Cola products to retail stores, restaurants and vending machines around the world. Coca Cola also sells soda concentrate from major restaurants and food service distributors.

Coca Cola companies sometimes offer other coca cola drinks. The most common ones are diet coke, including decaffeinated Coca Cola, diet coke decaffeinated, Coca Cola cherry, coca cola zero, Coca Cola Vanilla and with lemon, lime and coffee. Coca Cola is the third most valuable brand in the world according to Interbrand's 2015 "best brand in the world". In 2013, Coca Cola products were sold to more than 200 countries / regions around the world, reducing the company's beverage supply by more than 1.8 billion per day.