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Fried egg

Fried egg is a kind of cooking dish made of one or more eggs, which is usually taken out of the shell and put into the pot, without breaking the yolk, and fried with the least accompaniment. Traditionally, in many countries, fried eggs are served for breakfast, but may also be served at other times of the day.

In various cultures, fried eggs can be called ox's eyes, including India, Italy (uovo all'occhio Di bue), Czech Republic (Buli?? Oko), Slovakia (volsk? Oko), Indonesia (telur Mata) SAPI and German speaking countries (stierenauge, ochsenauge). In Nigeria, "fried egg" will be "scrambled egg" in the UK or the US.

This American dish is usually made by using a water glass or cookie cutter to cut a round or other shape from a piece of bread. Fry the bread until it browns on one side, turn it over, beat the egg in the center and add seasoning, usually salt and pepper, sometimes herbs. Then cover the pan and cook the eggs until they are white. The center of the slice of bread is usually fried and placed side by side with or on top of the egg.

The two most popular Jian Dan dishes commonly eaten in Russia are yaichnitsa (in Russian: ячччччччччччччч), which is the general name of pure Jian Dan; and OMLET (Jian Dan), which is an omelet distinguished from simple eggs by adding milk or other liquids.

Yaichnitsa has two main varieties, one is glazon'ja (Russian: з лазнья), which usually refers to the sunny side, but usually means that the egg yolk is not damaged; the other is a platter named boltunya (competing for the place name, Russian: болтня), which may have a variety of ingredients such as fried Bacon, ham, salt pork or other cold dishes, fried bread or onions Or add other vegetables. A common way to prepare these two types is to beat several eggs into a pan or frying pan and then cook them without turning them. After the pan is cooked, the white juice flows together and the parts are separated.