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Dried bread is hard dry biscuits or twice baked bread. Sometimes used as teething food for babies. In the UK, the name also refers to wheat based food additives.

The Russian version is called sookhar '. They can be baked a second time from sweet bread similar to egg bread, then sliced in Biscotti form, or made from only the remaining old bread, cut into small pieces, then air dried or baked at very low temperature. The first is like biscuits, which can be drunk with milk, milk spirit, tea, coffee or cocoa. The second is usually added to the soup in clear soup or other ways, softened from the absorbed liquid and replaced with bread. In order not to waste the rest of the bread has become a convention, this bread has been the staple food of Russian food, after thousands of years of hard work and praise. There are many folklores and sayings about bread in Russian. We should fully respect this kind of cereal food, which is one of the cornerstones of Slavic people's life and history.