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Waiters are people who work in restaurants or bars, sometimes in private homes, and they provide them with food and drink as required. Waiters or waiters play a very important role in restaurants. They should always be careful and adapt to customers. Every waiter follows the rules and guidelines set by the manager. Waiters can follow these rules by performing many different tasks during the shift, such as running food, scrubbing dishes and silverware, helping bus tables, and replenishing work stations with supplies.

Waiting tables are part of the service industry (as well as nursing and teaching) and are one of the most common occupations in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that as of May 2008, more than 2.2 million people were employed as servers in the United States.

Many restaurants choose specific uniforms for waiters. Waiters may receive tips in a minor or major part of their income, and customs vary widely between countries.