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Finger is the limbs of human body, is a kind of finger, is the manipulation and sense organ found in the hands of human and other primates. Normally, humans have five fingers, and the phalanges of each bone are called phalanges, although some people have more or less than five fingers due to congenital diseases (such as multiple or fewer fingers, accidental or medical amputations). The first number is the thumb, followed by the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger or little finger. According to different definitions, thumb can be called finger or not.

Each finger can be bent and stretched, abducted and adducted, and bypassed. Buckling is by far the strongest movement. In humans, two large muscles produce the flexion of each finger, while others enhance movement. Each finger can move independently of other fingers, although the muscle blocks that move each finger may be partially fused together, and the tendons may be connected to each other through a fibrous tissue network, thus preventing full free movement.