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Gangs are criminals and members of gangs. Some groups are considered part of organized crime. Apprentice, also known as hooligan, is a term derived from hooligan and the suffix ster. [1] Gangs provide a certain level of organization and resources to support larger and more complex criminal transactions than individual criminals. Apprentices have been active all over the world for many years.

Some hooligans, such as Al Capone, have become notorious. Gangsters are the theme of many novels and movies, especially from 1920 to 1990.

Some contemporary criminals refer to non fluent black Americans as "gangsters.".

In today's usage, the term "Gang" is often used for criminal organizations, while the term "Gang" always describes criminals. There has been a lot of writing about gangs, although there is no consensus on what gangs are or what conditions lead to the formation and evolution of gangs. There is a consensus that gang members share a common identity and sense of belonging, often through shared activities and through visual recognition (such as special clothing, tattoos or rings). Some preconceptions may be wrong. For example, the prevailing view that the distribution of illicit drugs in the United States is largely controlled by gangs was questioned.

Gangs may be relatively small groups that cooperate in criminal activities, such as the Jesse James Gang, which ended after the death of its leader in 1882. leader. The Chicago outfit by Al Capone went through the imprisonment and death of its founder, and survived until the 21st century. Large and well structured gangs, such as Mafia, drug cartels, triads and even illegal motorcycle gangs, can conduct complex transactions far beyond one's ability, and can provide services similar to arbitration, such as dispute arbitration and contract enforcement. A legitimate government.

The term "organized crime" is associated with, but not synonymous with, gangs and gangs. A small street gang engaged in sporadic and low-level crimes will not be regarded as "organized". Organizations coordinating gangs in different countries involved in the international drug or prostitute trade may not be considered "gangs".

Although gangs and gangs have existed many times in many countries and in the past, they play a more prominent role when social order weakens or the government tries to restrain the access to goods or services in great demand.