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A student or student is a learner or a person in an educational institution. In Britain, people who go to university are called "students". In the United States, the word "student" has recently been used in the United Kingdom, both for school students and college students. In the broadest range of uses, anyone who students use to study, including mid career adults who are in vocational education or returning to university. When talking about learning outside the organization, "student" is also used to refer to the person or "student" of a subject or individual who is learning a subject. In a broad sense, a student is anyone who seeks to learn or grow through experience, such as a "hard knocker school".

Mature, non-traditional or adult students in Higher Education (in universities or colleges) are generally classified as (undergraduate) students who are at least 21-23 years old at the beginning of the course and have generally been out of the educational system for at least two years. Mature students can also include students who have been out of the education system for decades, or who have not received secondary education. Mature students also make up the graduate and graduate population by age.