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The visible part of the human nose is the prominent part of the face with nostrils. The shape of the nose depends on the nasal bone and cartilage, including the septal cartilage (which separates the nostrils) and the upper and lower lateral cartilages. On average, the male's nose is larger than the female's.

There is a specialized cellular area on the nose that is responsible for olfaction (part of the olfactory system). Another function of the nose is to regulate the intake of air, make it warm and make it more humid. Hair in the nose prevents large particles from entering the lungs. Sneezing is usually caused by a foreign body irritating the nasal mucosa, but it is rarely caused by sudden exposure to strong light (called photosneezing reflex) or touching the external auditory canal. Sneezing can spread infection because it forms aerosols, and there may be microbes in the droplets.