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Ballet dancer

A ballet dancer is one who practices the art of classical ballet. Both men and women can practice ballet. However, dancers have hierarchy and strict gender roles. They rely on years of extensive training and appropriate technology to become part of a professional company. The risk of injury to ballet dancers is high due to the stringent requirements on ballet techniques

If ballet dancers want to perform professionally, they usually start training between the ages of 2-4 (female) or 5-7 (male). When a professional company hires ballet dancers, the training will not end. They must take ballet classes six days a week to keep fit and conscious. Ballet is a strict art form, and dancers must be very flexible.

Ballerinas begin classes in ballet, a wooden beam that stretches along the walls of a ballet studio. Dancers use barbells to support themselves during practice. The purpose of recumbent exercise is to warm up the body and stretch muscles in preparation for a central exercise, in which case they can exercise without recumbent. Work in the middle of the room starts with slower movement, gradually leading to faster movement and greater movement. The ballet dancer completed the central task and practiced a huge leap on the floor, which is called the Allegro.

After working in the center, women practice on the toes or toes and support with special tiptoes. Men practice jumping and turning. They may practice their partner's cooperation.