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Farmers (also known as farmers) are people engaged in agricultural activities, feeding food or raw materials. The term is usually applied to people who grow field crops, orchards, vineyards, poultry or other livestock in some combination. Farmers may own farmland or may work on land owned by others, but in developed economies, farmers are usually farmers, and farm employees are called farm workers or farmers. However, in the near past, farmers were people who promoted or improved the growth of (plants, crops, etc.) through labor and attention, land or crops, or raising animals (such as livestock or fish).

Farmers are usually members of local, regional or national farmers' unions or agricultural producers' organizations, and can play an important political role. The American farm movement effectively promoted the farmers' agenda, especially in the early 20th century, which violated the interests of the railway and agribusiness. Fnsea is very active in France, especially in genetically modified food. The International Federation of agricultural producers (IFAP) represents large and small agricultural producers worldwide, representing more than 600 million farmers through 120 National Farmers' unions in 79 countries.