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The tongue is a muscle organ in the mouth of most vertebrates. It can manipulate food for chewing and is used for swallowing. It is very important in the digestive system and is the main organ of taste in the taste system. The upper surface (dorsal) of the tongue is covered with taste buds in many lingual papillae. It is sensitive and keeps moist through saliva and is rich in nerves and blood vessels. The tongue can also be a natural way to clean your teeth. The main function of the tongue is to enable humans to speak and make sounds in other animals.

The human tongue is divided into two parts. The front part is the mouth and the back part is the pharynx. Most of the length of the left and right sides is also separated by a vertical part of the fibrous tissue (lingual septum), which forms a groove, i.e. the middle groove on the tongue surface.

The tongue has two sets of muscles. Four intrinsic muscles change the shape of the tongue and do not attach to the bone. Four pairs of external muscles change the position of the tongue and attach it to the bone.