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A beard is a beard that grows on the upper lip. The beard can be modified by trimming and styling it with a hair conditioner called beard wax.

From the Neolithic age, it was technically possible to shave with a razor. The beard is depicted on a statue of the 4th generation of Egyptian Prince rahotep (2550 BC). Another ancient portrait of a shaved man with a beard is an ancient Iranian knight from 300 BC.

Different cultures develop different connections with beards. For example, in many Arab countries in the 20th century, the beard was associated with power, with Islamic traditionalism, and lacked a beard with a freer secular tendency. In Islam, shaving is considered sunbathing and mustahabb, a recommended way of life, especially among Sunni Muslims. Mustache is also a religious symbol of the male followers of the yarsan religion.

The Indian tradition is that a man's white hair represents his masculinity. This caused a problem during the British rule in the 19th century. As a result, Indian beard had a profound impact on British facial hair. Until then it was difficult for the British, who had been shaved, to maintain the authority of the Indian soldiers, who believed that their officers lacked a beard, and that the beard and the side angle lacked masculinity. In the end, British officers began to grow beards and other facial hair to win the respect of the troops. The trend of beards spread rapidly among the military and then returned home among ordinary British citizens.