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Chefs are trained chefs who are proficient in all aspects of food preparation and usually focus on specific foods. The word "Chef" comes from "Chef de cuisine" (French pronunciation: [? F.D? .k? i. Zin), director or head of the kitchen. Chefs can be formally trained from institutions or apprenticed with experienced chefs.

There are different terms for using the word "Chef" in its title and relate to specific areas of food preparation, such as the Deputy chef in charge of the kitchen or the chef in charge of the kitchen specific areas of production. The kitchen team system is a hierarchy found in restaurants and hotels that employ a large number of employees, many of whom use the term "Chef" in their professional titles. Below the chef is the kitchen assistant. The chef's standard uniform includes a hat (called a torque), scarf, double breasted jacket, apron and sturdy shoes (may include steel or plastic toe caps).