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Traffic light

Traffic lights, also known as traffic lights, traffic lights, traffic lights, signal lights, stop lights, robots (in most parts of South Africa and Africa) and traffic control signals (technically speaking) are signals located at intersections, crosswalks and other locations that control traffic flow.

The first traffic light in the world is transient. It is a manually operated gas signal lamp installed in London in December 1868. The explosion took less than a month and injured the police. In the late 1890s, traffic control seemed to have become necessary, and Chicago's earnest sirrine patented its first automatic traffic control system in 1910. It uses the words "stop" and "continue," although neither of them lights up.

Traffic lights change the user's right of use by following the general color code to display lights in standard colors (red, amber (yellow) and green). In a typical color stage sequence:

In some countries, if the conflict monitor detects a problem, such as an attempt to display a green light fault to the conflicting traffic, the traffic lights will enter flashing mode. The signal may flash yellow to the main road, red to the sidewalk, or red in all directions. It can also be operated during busy days (such as late night).