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Kamaz (Russian: КамскийАВтомобильнойЗаВод – КАМАЗ, Translated). Kamskiy avtomobilny zavod, "Kama motor factory") is a Russian brand manufacturer of trucks and engines, located in naberezhnye Chelny, tastan Republic, Russian Federation. It is famous for the cab above the truck. Kamaz is portmante, representing the plant on the Kama River.

Kamaz opened in 1976. Today, heavy models have been exported to many parts of the world, including the CIS, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. The truck won the Dakar Rally 14 times. Kamas is the largest truck manufacturer in Russia and CIS. The plant produces 43000 trucks per year (2014). Russian troops use enhanced kamas trucks.

In 1969, a resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Council of Soviet ministers was approved, which envisaged the construction of a heavy truck factory. 70 potential facility locations were investigated. The choice is to support naberezhnye Chelny, a small town on the Kama River. Its advantages are obvious. In terms of its geographical environment, nabrezni cherni is in the center of the former Soviet Union. Navigable rivers – Kama and Volga – as well as the vicinity of the railway line are essential to meet all logistical needs of the construction site for materials, raw materials, equipment and components, and in the future, to meet the need to deliver off the shelf trucks to customers. The fact that there is a large construction company "kamge senergostroy" in the area has resulted in the completion of the plant and apartment buildings for potential Kamaz employees.

Workers and engineers representing more than 70 ethnic groups gathered on naberezhnye Chelny and integrated into the "melting pot" of construction project personnel. Kamaz's purchase orders for construction materials and equipment have been completed by all ministries and commissions, with a total of more than 2000 enterprises. The construction site itself employs more than 100000 people. According to modern standards, the factory, which may become a truck, will get the most advanced manufacturing equipment. Among the equipment suppliers of Kamaz facilities, there are more than 700 international companies, including Swindell dresser, holcroft, CE cast, Ingersoll Rand, ex Cello (U.S.), hueller Hille, Liebherr (West Germany), morando and other global famous companies, fata (Italy), Renault (France), Sandvik (Sweden), Komatsu and Hitachi (Japan).

On December 13, 1969, the construction site of the Kama River truck factory was broken and the first bucket of soil was excavated. The annual output of the factory is 150000 heavy trucks and 250000 engines. The flora of Kama River covers an area of 57 square kilometers. At the same time of building truck factories, huge social challenges have been solved. Kamaz provides hundreds of thousands of people with comfortable housing, modern educational facilities, kindergartens and nurseries, hospitals and clinics, and numerous cultural, sports, entertainment and leisure centers. Kamas has played a role in transforming the Kama River region into a strong industrial and scientific research center and developing infrastructure in rural agricultural areas.

Every year, the population of the city increases by about 300000 to 40000. Before the construction of Kamaz, 27000 residents lived in naberezhnye Chelny, and the current population is more than 500000.