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Jeep is a U.S. automobile brand, which belongs to FCA US LLC (formerly known as Chrysler Group, LLC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler automobile company. In 1987, the former Chrysler Corporation acquired the remaining assets of the Jeep brand and its owner, American Motors. The Department is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. Jeep's current product range includes only sports utility vehicles and off-road vehicles, but in the past it also included pick-up trucks.

The original jeep was the prototype of Bantam BRC. The Willis MB jeep was put into production for the military in 1941, making it the oldest four-wheel drive mass production vehicle, now known as SUV. During World War II and the postwar period, jeeps became the main light four-wheel drive vehicles of the U.S. Army and allied forces.

The first civil models were produced in 1945. It inspired many other light utility vehicles, such as Land Rover. Since then, many Jeep variants have been designed in other countries / regions, playing a similar military and civil role.