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UAZ (УАЗ) (Russian: У\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\total car. Since 2000, it has become part of the solers Automotive Group.

Uaz is known as uaz-469 multi-functional vehicle, which has been widely used as military vehicle in the eastern group and around the world. As part of the Soviet war, the uaz plant began production in 1941. In 2016, 51706 uaz vehicles were produced.

Founded in 1941, Ulyanovsk automobile factory is the direct result of Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union. In response to this threat, the government of Joseph Stalin ordered the evacuation of strategically important industrial centers to the East. By October 1941, the Germans quickly went to Moscow and decided to move the Moscow carmaker ZIS to Ulyanovsk, the town of Volga. The town is already an emerging industrial center, with sufficient developed infrastructure and skilled workers, and will be an ideal place to restructure the factory. It is also inaccessible to the German army. The plant was considered a subsidiary of ZIS when it was established. By 1942, the factory began to produce shells and cars. The first vehicle produced by the plant was a zis-5 three ton truck.

In 1943, the possibility of a complete victory for the Germans became less and less, so they decided to keep the relocated factory in Ulyanovsk and separate it from ZIS administratively, while ZIS was rebuilt in Moscow from scratch. This is consistent with the Soviet Union's policy of industrial relocation after the war. It was thought that it would be more efficient to keep the new factories as they were, while the original factories that survived the war needed to be reinstalled and often equipped with captured German machines. At the end of 1944, the production of zis-5 was transferred to the Ural automobile factory of miass, while the factory of Ulyanovsk started to produce the smaller gaz-aa in 1947. Uaz developed a 1.5-ton prototype truck in 1948, using 50 HP (37 kW; 51 PS) 2112 CC (129 Cu in) in four in-line pobeda trucks. Due to the lack of production capacity, uaz-300 has never been built. [4] In 1954, the production expanded to include GAZ-69, and the first batch of products were assembled from GAZ parts. Two years later, the factory not only assembled the gaz-69 from parts assembled elsewhere, but also manufactured them completely.

The connection with gaz made uaz the top four-wheel drive vehicle manufacturer in the Soviet Union.

In 2012, "Patriot" and "pickup" won the new engine zmz euro-4 with European on-board diagnosis function, becoming the first diesel engine in Russia that meets euro-4 standard. 2013 is a landmark year for uaz, and export sales have increased by 37% since 2012. In the second year, patriot's sales grew by 10%, and Premier Dmitry Medvedev visited the company.

In a test drive in 2014, uaz patriots crossed the winter road and frozen tundra of the Republic of SAHA and reached one of the most northerly Russian ports in Tiksi, the first vehicle to cross the 73rd parallel north direction under their own power.

In January 2015, sales increased by 3%. A uaz patriot support vehicle took part in the 2015 Dakar Rally, crossing 9295 km, through Bolivia, Chile and Peru. The company has completed the production of special series of uaz hunters, which will be replaced by newer models; these hunters are limited edition and use airbrush to draw art paintings to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Second World War. In August, uaz patriots got new upgrades, including new paint colors, 18 inch wheels, interior trim, frameless wiper blades, etc. In the same year, uaz trucks appeared in 2015 Moscow cross country exhibition, 2015 interpolitech and 2015 comtrans exhibition.

Uaz delisted from Moscow stock exchange in July 2015.