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Lada 4? 4 (formerly LADA Niva) (Russian: ладаНика; Niva (нина) is the Russian word for "field"), which is an off-road vehicle designed and produced by AvtoVAZ, a Russian (former Soviet) manufacturer, although it has sold models for urban use, it still faces the rural market.

It is the first mass-produced off-road vehicle with integrated body structure and independent front suspension with spiral spring, and it is the predecessor of almost all cross-border SUVs adopting this format at present. It inspired Suzuki Vitara. Like Vitara, LADA 4? The steering box of the recirculating ball car is also used to improve the off-road reliability. Pickup and emergency truck versions are produced by vazinterservice.

Lada 4? 4 formerly known as LADA Niva. Although AvtoVAZ reserves the right to the name "НиВа" in the same Cyrillic letter, a name change occurred after the Niva brand was transferred to GM. It is also sold as LADA sport in Iceland, LADA taiga in Austria, Bognor diva in Uruguay and LADA Cossack in the UK. Since 2014, it has been in Russia with LADA 4? 4, which also began to replace "Niva" in the export market.

This is also the first Vaz model. In addition to the brand's classic export name and engine displacement, it also carries the export name of the model itself (Niva). The previous model (zhiguli) only features the brand's export name LADA, followed by the engine displacement. In addition, Niva is the only Vaz model with the same model name in the domestic and export markets (vaz-2121 Niva for domestic use and LADA Niva 1600 for export); the export names of other models are different from those used in the domestic market (for example, vaz-2109 satellite is LADA Samara 1500 for export, while vaz-2105 zhiguli is marked LADA Riva 1300 outside the Soviet Union).