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Aston Martin

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and luxury travel vehicles. It was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. Since it was run by David Brown in 1947, it has been linked to expensive luxury touring cars in the 1950s and 1960s and the db5 model used by the fictional James Bond in the 1964 film golden fingers. Their sports cars are regarded as British cultural icons. Since 1982, Aston Martin has been the Royal warranty Seller of Prince of Wales cars. With more than 150 auto dealerships in more than 50 countries on six continents, they have become global auto brands.

Their headquarters and main production base are located in geden, Warwickshire, UK, next to a Jaguar Land Rover R & D center located at the former RAF V bomber air force base. One of Aston Martin's latest cars was named after the Vulcan bomber of the 1950s. Aston Martin has developed its brand for projects including speedboats, submarines, bicycles, giant trucks, clothing and real estate.