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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo automobiles S.p.A? alfa ro? M?? O]) is an Italian automobile manufacturer established as a.l.f.a. ("Anonima lombarda fabbica automobile", "anonymous Lombard automobile factory") was held in Milan on June 24, 1910. The brand is famous for sports cars and has been racing since 1911.

The company was owned by Istituto per la ricostruzione industry, an Italian state-owned holding company, between 1932 and 1986 and became part of Fiat Group. In February 2007, the Alfa Romeo brand was renamed as Alfa Romeo automobile company, a subsidiary of Fiat Group Automobile Company (now Fiat Chrysler automobile company in Italy).

Alfa Romeo was founded in 1906 by Alexandre darracq, a French automobile company, and Italian investors. At that time, it was called societ Anonima Italiana darracq (said). At the end of 1909, sales of darracq cars in Italy were slow, and its Italian partners hired Giuseppe Merosi to design new cars. On June 24, 1910, a new company called a.l.f.a. was founded, initially in cooperation with darracq. The company's first non Dallas car was the 1910 24 HP, designed by Merosi. A. L.f.a. ventured into racing, with drivers Franchini and ronzoni competing in two 24 HP models in the 1911 Targa Florio race. In August 1915, the company was led by Neapolitan entrepreneur Nicola Romeo, who converted the factory into a war production military equipment for Italy and the allies. In 1920, the company's name was changed to Alfa Romeo, and torpede 20-30 HP became the first car with this logo.

In 1921, Banca Italiana di Scotto supported ing. The bankruptcy of Nicola Romeo & Co requires the government to support the industrial companies involved through "consorzio per sovvenzioni Sui valori industriali", including Alfa Romeo. In 1925, railway activities separated from Romeo, and in 1928, Nicolas Romeo left. In 1933, Benito Mussolini's Government reorganized state-owned enterprises under the banner of the National Industrial Property Organization (IRI), and the government was then effectively controlled. After the Second World War, the company struggled to return to profitability, turning to mass production of small vehicles rather than hand-made luxury models. In 1954, it developed the Alfa Romeo twin cam engine until 1994. Alfa Romeo produced a number of sports cars in the 1960s and 1970s, although Finmeccanica, the parent company of the Italian government, has been trying to make money, so it sold the brand to Fiat Group in 1986.

Alfa Romeo competed successfully in Grand Prix, formula one, sports car, RV and rally. It competes as a manufacturer and engine supplier through entries (usually in the name of Alfa corse or autodelta) and private entries. Three years after the company was founded, the first car was made in 1913, and Alfa Romeo won the first World Championship of the Grand Prix in 1925. Before the Second World War, competition with Bentley, as well as the production of luxury cars and Bugatti, made Alfa Romeo a legend of world motor racing. The company has won a good reputation in motorsport, which brings a sense of movement to the whole brand. Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 as an Alfa Romeo racing team and became an independent racing driver in 1939.