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Peugeot is a French carmaker affiliated with PSA group.

Peugeot's former family business, founded in 1810, mainly produces coffee grinders and bicycles. November 20, 1858,? Mile Peugeot applied for the Lion Logo. In 1889, Armand Peugeot teamed up with Leon Serpollet to build the company's first car, the unreliable steam tricycle. Later, in 1890, an internal combustion engine car with a panhard Daimler engine was launched. Due to family feuds, Armand Peugeot founded the "socialist" organization in 1896. Des Peugeot.

Peugeot and its family were originally from Saussure, France. Peugeot has a large manufacturing plant and a Peugeot museum there. In February 2014, shareholders agreed to a capital restructuring plan, with Dongfeng Motor and the French government buying 14% of the company's shares, respectively.

Peugeot has won many international awards, including five European car of the year awards. In 2013 and 2014, Peugeot ranked the second lowest in terms of average CO2 emissions among general brands in Europe, with Renault motor group ranking first with 114.9g CO2 / km. Peugeot is known as a very reliable brand because its 1950s and 1960s models continued to be used in Africa and Cuba in the 2010's, while Peugeot is known as the "lion.".

Peugeot has been engaged in motor racing for more than a century. Peugeot sports won five World Rally Championships, two Le Mans Intercontinental Cups (2010, 2011), surpassing Toyota and Audi respectively, two world endurance Championships (1992, 1993) and three intercontinental rally contests. In the past year, Peugeot sports relied on S? Bastien Loeb's Peugeot 208 T16 surpassed the record of climbing pike peak, and won the third consecutive title of the Nurburgring race of Peugeot 208 GTI in the 24-hour endurance race. Peugeot returned to the Dakar Rally in 2015 after four victories in the 1980s.