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Watermelon was originally a vine from southern Africa. It is a large annual plant with thick feathery light leaves and white to yellow flowers. Its growth is mainly due to its large edible fruit, also known as watermelon, which is a special berry with a hard outer skin and no internal division. It is also known as pepo in botany. The fruit has smooth hard skin (usually green, with dark green stripes or yellow spots) and sweet juicy inner flesh (usually dark red to pink, but sometimes orange, yellow or white), and many seeds, which can be soft and firm. White or hard black.

Watermelon is a flowering plant believed to have originated in southern Africa, where it was found to be wild.

Watermelon is an annual plant with a long, soft stem that is dragged or climbed in a pentagonal (Pentagon) shape and a maximum length of 3 m (10 feet). Young growth dense, yellow brown hair, with the plant aging and disappear. Leaves and stems alternate, large and pinnate; they stiffen as they age.

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