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Pear is any of several trees and shrubs of the genus Pyrus in the Rosaceae.

It is also the name of the tree fruit. Several pears are valued for their edible fruits, while others are grown as ornamental trees.

Pears are native to the coastal and temperate regions of the old world, from Western Europe and eastern North Africa to Asia as a whole. It is a medium-sized tree, 10 to 17 meters (33 to 56 feet) tall, usually with a narrow crown. A few species are shrubs.

Leaves alternate, simple, 2-12 cm (0.79-4.72 in) long, some species are glossy green, some species are thick with silver hair. Leaves are broadly ovate to narrowly lanceolate. Most pears are deciduous, but one or two species in Southeast Asia are evergreen. Except for the evergreen species, most of them are cold resistant. The temperature they bear in winter is between 25 ° C (13 ° f) and 40 ° C (40 ° f), and the evergreen species can only bear the temperature as low as about 15 ° C (5 ° f).

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