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Cherry is the fruit of many plum plants. It is a fleshy drupe (drupe).

Commercial cherry fruit is usually obtained from a limited variety, such as sweet cherry cultivation, cherry plum. The word "cherry" also refers to cherry trees, sometimes used for almonds in the genus Prunus and flowering trees with similar appearance, such as "ornamental cherry", "Cherry Blossom", etc. Wild cherry may refer to any kind of cherry that grows outside of cultivation, although it is often called "wild cherry" in the British Isles.

Many cherries are members of the genus Cerasus, characterized by the separation of flowers into several small corolla (neither single nor in racemes), and smooth fruit with only a weak groove on one side or no groove. This subgenus is native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. There are two species in the United States, three in Europe and the rest in Asia. Other cherry fruits are members of the genus padus.

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