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The avocado (Persea americana) is a tree native to south central Mexico and is classified as a member of the Lauraceae family of flowering plants. Avocado (also known as Chinese avocado) also refers to the fruit on the tree. In Botany, it is a kind of big berry with only one seed.

Avocado has commercial value and is grown in tropical and Mediterranean climates around the world. Their skin is green, fleshy and may be pear shaped, egg shaped or spherical. In business, they mature after harvest. Avocado trees are partially self pollinated and usually propagated by grafting to maintain predictable fruit quality and quantity.

Avocado can be propagated by seeds, which take about four to six years to produce fruit, although in some cases, seedlings take 10 years to bear fruit. The fruit quality of the progeny could not be the same as that of the parent. Therefore, high-quality varieties are propagated by grafting to rootstocks propagated by seeds (seedling stock) or layers (asexual stock). After growing in the greenhouse for about a year, the young rootstocks can be grafted. End and side transplants are commonly used. Before the trees are ready to be sold, the scion varieties will be regenerated for 6-12 months.