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Persimmon (sometimes spelled persimmon) is the edible fruit of many trees in the genus Diospyros. Among them, Diospyros kaki is the most widely cultivated persimmon in the east or Japan. Persimmon belongs to the family Ebenaceae, and many non persimmon ebony trees are planted.

Persimmon is the most widely cultivated species of persimmon. Generally, trees are 4.5 to 18 meters (15 to 59 feet) tall and are domed. It stands upright, but sometimes it bends or looks like catkins.

Leaves alternate, oblong, 2 cm (0.8 in) long. Their upper surface is leather like luster and the lower layer is brown filiform. The leaves are deciduous, blue-green. In autumn, they turn yellow, orange or red.

Persimmon trees are usually dioecious, which means that male and female flowers are produced on different trees. Some trees have both male and female flowers, and in rare cases have "perfect" flowers. The male flowers are pink, three in each group. They have 4 divisions of calyx, corolla and 2 rows of 24 stamens. The female flower is milky white and looks solitary. They have a large calyx, a four part yellow corolla, 8 undeveloped stamens and a round ovary with style and stigma. The "perfect" flower is a cross between the two, including male and female reproductive organs.

Persimmon fruit ripens at the end of autumn and can remain in the trees until winter. In terms of color, the mature fruits of the cultivated strains vary from bright light orange to dark red orange according to the varieties and varieties. They are similar in size, 1.5 to 9 cm (0.59 to 3.54 in) in diameter, and can be spherical, acorn or pumpkin shaped. The flesh is astringent until it is completely mature, and the color is yellow, orange or dark brown. The calyx usually remains attached to the fruit after harvest, but is easily removed once the fruit is ripe. Ripe fruit has a high glucose content and a sweet taste. Like tomatoes, persimmons are not usually considered berries, but in terms of plant morphology, fruits are actually berries.

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