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Sniper rifle

The sniper rifle is a portable, high-precision, shoulder mounted rifle, used for military or law enforcement purposes, designed to ensure more accurate firing over a longer range than other small arms. The typical sniper rifle has a high accuracy, with a retractable sight, which can hold the bullets of the military squadron.

The military role of snipers (originated from snipers, a hard to hunt bird) can be traced back to the early 18th century, but the real sniper rifle is a recent development. With the development of technology, especially the development of telescope sight, and more precise manufacturing, the army can equip the trained soldiers with rifles and enable them to shoot accurately at a greater distance than the conventional infantry weapons. Some sniper rifles are based on the design of standard rifles, while some of the latest designs use semi-automatic shooting, such as M110.

Sniper rifles made for military service usually have high durability, range, reliability, robustness, maintainability and maintainability under harsh environment and combat conditions, but they sacrifice some accuracy. Military snipers and sharpshooters may also be required to carry rifles and other equipment far away, so it is important to reduce weight. Military organizations often operate under strict budget constraints, which can affect the type and quality of sniper rifles they buy.