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A bullet is a projectile shot from the barrel of a gun. The term comes from Medieval French and derives from the small case of the word "bullet", which means "little ball". Bullets are made of a variety of materials. They can be used alone because they can be used for muzzle loading, caps and firearms, as part of a paper case [3], and more commonly as part of a metal cartridge case. Bullets have many styles and structures according to the way they are used. Many bullets have special functions, such as hunting, target shooting, training, defense and war.

The bullet is not a cartridge. In paper and metal cartridges, bullets are an integral part of the cartridge. In both English and metric systems, bullet dimensions are expressed by weight and diameter. For example,. 22 caliber 55 bullets or 5.56mm 55 bullets are bullets of the same caliber and weight. The term "bullet" is commonly used colloquially and refers to a combination of bullet, paper or metal shell / shell, powder and primer. When you plan to use the ink cartridge, the use of this kind of bullet will cause confusion when discussing or planning to use the components of the ink cartridge.

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